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I found a stump. It was a nice, fall stump. So I stepped all over it. Later, while we were in line for poutine, I picked a bit of leaf out of my hair. When it fell to the ground, it unfurled and turned into a tiny, lime-green bug. I felt pretty guilty about stealing the little bug away from its forest home, nearly squishing it, and then dropping it in the middle of a busy, old and neutral-coloured cafeteria... so I had to go take it outside and put it in the grass. It reminded me of a little robot bug we have at home that just walks in straight lines until it winds down.

This past month has been very... tiring. School (well, waking up early) is always quite draining. I've been feeling quite stressed and gloomy, to the point that my period was almost a week late... But I enjoyed our trip to Yarmouth, I'm enjoying most of my classes (Intro to Psychology, Media Culture, Parallel Programming [again], Advanced Algorithmic Techniques), my favourite holiday is approaching, I'm rereading Harry Potter, I finally installed Windows 7, I tried water marbling last night, I'm playing board games with friends tonight, and the weather has been absolutely lovely.

I haven't had a lot of energy to write since school started. But, I do have lots of stuff to talk about coming up, including this year's Halloween costume, APB and P-NP. Very exciting.

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WAYWT | Fall checkers, blue socks

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