Phone Pic Dump 2

Photo of a male child in dark lipstick wearing embroidered 'vampire' costume and holding a cane.
Most pimpin' little kid costume I've ever seen

Poster of a Reaper figure with text, 'The Reapers are Coming. Bury your multiple email personalities'
Microsoft representatives dressed like grim reapers wandered around my campus, giving email assistance to unsuspecting university students.

Photo of fluffy, tangled bed sheets and quilts.
Total comfort. :3

Photo of clouds imaged from above.
Clouds look different from above (Picture T took when flying to Toronto)

Photo of T-shirt printed with image of a calendar. Every day is labelled "shuffling"

Photo of a sign that reads "Men working on stairs" where someone has crossed out "men" and written "People"
In the name of precision, I considered crossing out "People" and writing, "A single person (who just happens to be a man) is -." I'd have liked to add a "the" in there, too.

Photo of a bizarre textbook diagram depicting the profile of a brain melded with misshapen body parts, demonstrating the amounts of brain matter dedicated to controlling each body part.
My Psych textbook suddenly turned creepy

Photo of autumn leaves on the ground.

Photo of a man writing mathmatical symbols on a chalkboard.
This is what the majority of my computer science classes look like.

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Phone Pic Dump 2
  1. I swear once I take a picture in my phone I never really go back and look at it again. Idk why I even take it.

    Que The Lights
    QTL Images

  2. You should! I find all kinds of neat things I had forgotten about. :3


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