Photo of graduate Sam Routledge, in cap and gown.
Photo by Abhishek Kar

It's been an incredible journey of learning, especially considering that when I applied to UNB Computer Science I had literally zero experience programming and knew very little about computers. I used a very silly method when applying for a degree program: I didn't like science labs, I hated calculus, I disliked writing, I saw no future in any of the fine arts, and so... that left CS! I got lucky that I found my passion on the first try. I discovered that I adored the computer science parts - the mathematical and logical foundations of the field. Pursuing that interest allowed me to complete the requirements for the Theory and Computation CS specialty.

Photo of several professors in their academic robes.Photo by Abhishek Kar

The graduation ceremony itself is always interesting - at least, I always enjoy seeing the professors in their academic splendor. The three professors on the left in the photo above are CS professors - The sleepy one is the professor I took advanced algorithms from (one of my favourite courses), the bored-looking one wearing jeans and sneakers is who taught my C programming class (my favourite programming language), and the guy in the middle taught.... uh, let's just call it computation theory (the most organized, easy-to-understand prof I've ever had!).

We had the misfortune to be in the final ceremony with the engineers. Dear lord, there are a lot of engineers! Haha, it wasn't actually that bad, because the ceremony was in a brand new building with wonderful air conditioning! We were also the only ceremony that didn't get rained out; in fact it turned into a beautiful sunny day. Not a bad finale for five years of work!

PS, if you know what's good for you, don't ask what I plan to do next. >:(

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  1. Congratulations. You suit the cap and gown. .... So what's next? *ducks*

    1. You'd be better off not ducking; I have really terrible aim. :P

  2. Look at that BEAUTIFUL SMILE!!!!! It's so scary and exciting to finally be done, huh??


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