Storage closet, and a DIY pocket organizer

In my continuing efforts to get a solid grasp on this homemaking thing, I started following a fourteen-week organizing challenge, hosted by A Bowl Full of Lemons (which is a great homemaking blog, by the way. Simple, practical, and I don't gag while reading it.). One of the weeks I was actually able to complete was "Garage week," where I reorganized our storage closet. (Due to a general lack of rooms and/or funds, I haven't been able to complete many of the other challenges.)

Here's my before pictures... although at this point I had already sorted and refolded all my fabric, so it's not as cluttered as it had been.

It could certainly have been worse... most things were still in boxes from when we moved in, and there was ample shelf space. But there were a lot of things that didn't have a "home," and they tended to pile up and get in my way. The second major problem was that it was difficult to find any cords or electronics, since they had all been shoved into drawers.

So my two goals for this space were to find a better cord and gadget solution, and to create logical homes for our stuff. While not spending any money.

The first was easy enough, conceptually. I figured I could use an old plastic shower curtain we had recently replaced - combined with the leftovers from assorted sewing projects - to create a double-sided pocket organizer. (For the less desperate, you can buy these pocket organizers for like, ten bucks... though they won't be as kickin' rad as mine is.)

The layout of a pocket organizer is pretty easy, but this project took a very long time. I thought my shower curtain was fairly clean, but a closer inspection revealed a tough buildup of waterspots and soap scum. Scrubbing it off took a significant chunk of time! And then the actual sewing took a while, too, since I had to piece together so many strips of fabric and plastic. I broke a handful of needles try to sew through two layers of plastic before I learned I would have to do each side separately... which doubled my project time.

BUT in the end it was totally worth it, because I could completely replace the ugly plastic gadget drawers with a smaller, neater organizer.

The rest of the closet was straightforward - unboxed some things, boxed some other things. Moved some things out, moved other things in. Themed the cubbies and grouped items better. Just your normal organizing procedure!

It's still ugly as sin, but the good news is its a snap to find stuff, and it's super easy to keep organized. It's been probably a month and a half since I did the clean, and it looks pretty much the same now as in the after photos - and that's not from a lack of use! The door to this closet is right next to my computer chair, so I spend way too much time staring at my nice, organized closet.

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Storage closet, and a DIY pocket organizer
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