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Madeleine Mini Bloomers

Model wearing a completed pair of mini-bloomer shorts
(Promotional image from

While looking for some free shorts patterns for my upcoming Sakura costume, I found these lovelies at They're a fantastic base for the shorts I need for my costume, but I also thought they would be adorable for regular summer sleepwear. They're also happen to be a perfect use for all those breezy floral-print chiffons I have languishing in my stash:

The pattern and instructions are provided as a free download. The instructions are decent, though be sure to read them carefully a few times because not every step is illustrated, and some of it can be confusing if you're only looking at the pictures. ;) I didn't make any alterations, and found the size to be accurate according to the provided size chart.

I went a little wild and handstiched all the hems and seams except the elastic casings - figured I could use the practice, and my cheap-o machine likes to eat gauzy fabrics, anyway. I also finished the bloomers with a french seam, due to the sheer fabric. I was tempted to only do one elastic at the waist, but quickly realized that the waist is designed with four channels and two elastics to prevent it from rolling over on itself, so I kept to the pattern as designed.

Turns out my fabric choice was perfect - the ones in the promotional image look downright frumpy compared to my breezy pair. These bloomers are very light and comfy for summer, and I'll definitely be making more!

Fox (or Cat) Sleep Masks

This tutorial and pattern comes from Lucille of Foxshop via A Pair and a Spare DIY.

I failed to follow the instructions and used the mask outline as a pattern with seam allowances included, rather than tracing it onto my fabric. Everything still worked out fine, I just have slightly smaller masks, haha. This was a great use for some fat quarters I had in my stash, and I've actually been sleeping better when I wear my fox face to bed!

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