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You can call me Nanoinfinity [Nano] or Bagleworm [Bagle], whichever one doesn't make your OCD flare up, I suppose. I'm a 22 year old computer science undergrad in Canada. I'm a technophile, an infophile, a bibliophile, an introvert, a computer-lover, an atheist, a feminist, an omnivore and half native.

I usually this photo of galaxy M81 (AKA Bode's Galaxy) to represent myself, instead of an actual photograph. It's a wonderfully average little galaxy in a nearby cluster; a constant reminder that I can easily rationalize eating an entire cake.

I don't really know what else to say here. Just read the damn blog to get to know me.

My Google profile is here
You can contact me at bagleworm@gmail.com
I have a large assortment of interests and don't particularly care to separate them into individual blogs. My interests vary from fashion to sociology and I tend to have strong opinions about mundane things. The end result is that I am all over the place with both my content and writing style - but I am passionate about it all.

I do my best to back up all claims and facts with research, even if it is not explicitly cited. I love information, the Internet and helping people. I also have a vain streak, so a blog is the perfect place for me to vent - even if no one reads it.

If you experience any problems with the site content or layout, shoot me an email and a screenshot. I'm always interested in tweaking performance. Slowly getting there... I've done almost all the code and graphics for this blog [using stock images, of course!] so anything broken is probably my fault. (This is the Blogger Template I used to start off, though I think I've changed literally every line.)

If you're using Internet Explorer... I am truly sorry. You should upgrade to a better browser that actually conforms to standards instead of running off and making its own. If you're using a version of IE under 7 then you're better off just going for a nice walk outside and petting some puppies.
I try to use publicly licensed images wherever possible. Clicking an image will bring it to the original source. If the image isn't in the public domain I intend to use it under fair use/ fair dealing, such as to accompany a review, critique or commentary. All quotes will be attributed by a link or a citation. If you are the copyright holder and want content removed, feel free to contact me.

All text and images that don't contain people on this blog that belong to me are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 license with the following provisions:

Attribution Either a link to the context of the content (ex: the post containing the photo or original text) or my screen name and blog address (Nanoinfinity at philenotfound.blogspot.com)

Non-commercial Since there is uncertainty in the CC community of the definition of "commercial use" I define it thusly: a commercial use is one that is directly used for profit. An example of direct use would be a quote or image used in an ad. I consider using a quote or image on a page that serves ads to be non-commercial use (since it is only indirectly for profit).

Images Images of people are under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivitives 3.0 license. This is the same as above except you cannot alter the images. Images containing people are not to be used in things like artwork or website layouts. You may use parts of the image that do not contain a likeness of a person, though.
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"Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect."